Terms of Service for Illustration Services


Can be requested:

  • SFW themes
  • Suggestive themes [NSFW limited to clients who confirm they are 18+, and characters who are over the age of 18, or seem like adults if the original media did not specify their age]
  • Violence, expressions of pain [with respect to the suffering character]

Can not be requested:

  • Robots/mecha [except if this feature is partial]
  • Non-human monsters [except if this feature is partial]
  • Armour [except if this feature is partial]
  • Animals and furry characters [except if this feature is partial]
  • Real people
  • Offensive or political themes

Rules & Terms

I retain copyright for all my art in commissions. I may post the finished product, the WIP stages or process of creation on social media. [NDA projects are an exception]

All regular illustrations will have a small watermark on them, which you are not allowed to remove.

By default, you may use the artwork for any non-commercial purpose.

Clients who paid for commercial use may use the artwork for any project.

For corporations, separate pricing rules apply.

You must not claim the piece as your own work.

You must not alter the artwork.

You must not remove the watermark from the artwork.

If you break any of the rules above, you lose all rights to the commissioned artwork and you will not be allowed to commission me in the future.

I will not hold onto the artwork after the commission ends. If you lose it, it is your own responsibility.

Progress & Revisions

The process begins with a conversation of what the client wants to see in the artwork. Details, mood and concept should be talked over at this point.

Price is agreed upon, after which full payment is transferred to me. For Live2D model illustrations, payment plan is an option, in which case the first portion of payment will be necessary at this point.

My work begins.

You will be sent one, or a handful of sketches.

If approved, I will move on to the next stage, and throughout all stages, you will be sent a WIP image that you need to approve of before I continue.

I will tell you at each stage which parts you can opt to change. Pose change at sketch phase, base colour change at base colouring phase, etc.

You may make one round of changes at each stage. For additional changes, there will be a fee.

Changing previously approved parts will come at a cost proportional to the extent of the change.

An illustration should take between a few days and 1 month to complete. Bigger projects or multiple commissions may take longer. Depending on the size of the project, I may stop accepting commissions from other clients to finish one.

You will be informed if any delays should be expected.

When the finished artwork is approved of, you will be sent the full resolution .png image [or in the case of Live2D illustrations, the .psd file]. Further versions of different sizes and formats can be requested.

If you want different layers exported separately, you must say so at the beginning of the process. I will not go back to fix layers and readjust them once the artwork is completed.

After you have been given the finished artwork, I will not respond to further messages. Do not message me with anything not work-related.



  • Payment will happen through Paypal, after mutual agreement on prices and project details.



  • Once a sketch has been made, regardless of whether it is approved or not, clients can not request a refund.
  • If I become unable to finish the artwork, you will be informed, and I will send the full price back to you.